Export Services

One-stop export agent, save cost and Zero worries!

Veny Logistics has been focusing on export services for more than 10 years. Whether you are a production enterprise, trader or individual, we can provide you with a more professional and efficient one-stop Export services from customs clearance, foreign exchange, Export tax rebate. At the same time, we can provide supporting booking, trailer, logistics, advance payment, credit guarantee, letter of credit service, and quality service, so that your foreign trade export is safe, fast, and more worry-free!

Export agent for more than 10 years

One-stop export service

Safe and worry-free

Lower rates, super cost-effective services

Ordinary export

Export customs clearance + foreign exchange settlement + export tax rebate + advance tax rebate

Export of credit insurance

(Export Customs Clearance + Foreign Exchange Settlement + Credit Insurance Agency + Export Tax Rebate + Advance Tax Rebate)

L/C export

(L/C verification/document preparation/document presentation/+export customs clearance+foreign exchange settlement+export tax refund+advance tax refund)

Want to export to the world? no problem!

Choose Veny Logistics and enjoy VIP export service with tens of thousands of enterprises across the country!

Reminder: If you need to arrange value-added services such as space booking (logistics), trailers, and buyer credit investigation, the cost will be reimbursed at your own expense. For more details on services and rates, please contact customer service directly.

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