Import Services

Veny Logistics will complete the general trade import customs clearance for you. We offer Import customs clearance + delivery to the door at major ports/airports across the country.

Take control of complex customs compliance matters with ease with our Trusted Advisor

Avoid customs compliance risks and gain timely access to the latest trade and tariff insights from our trade experts .

Establish customs processes that comply with local regulations, maximize efficiency and help you avoid costly fines.

All general goods, national import agent

Import of machinery and equipment

Import of machinery parts

Import of electronic products

Import of textile raw materials

Import of textile products

Import of rubber products

Furniture/Accessories Import

Import of glass products

Import of daily necessities

Import of ceramic products

Import of Cars /Trucks Auto Parts

Import of glass products

General cargo import? no problem!

All general goods, national import customs clearance service, professional, worry-free and more cost-effective!
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