Make international payments to overseas suppliers

We’ll help you pay suppliers around the world as easily as if they were around the corner. Very fast.

1000+ reviews

The best way to send money to China from Nigeria

Same-day payments to China

Make lightning-fast transactions with the ability to send money to Chinese businesses on the same day, using direct local banking networks.

Outstanding FX rates

Get access to our interbank exchange rates and low fees when converting NGN into USD/CNY/RMB.

Guaranteed full amount

Take comfort in the fact that your payment will be received in full when transferring money to China.

We support various payment methods

If you’re looking to make payments to your suppliers abroad, consider using our platform.

International payments with us are often far less complex than other platforms. You sign up, pay in your local currency, enter your supplier’s payment information, and then your supplier gets paid in US dollars or Chinese yuan or any other currency..

What our customers say

Fantastic service! Fast, easy, trustworthy and efficient. They offer very competitive exchange rates and the site is easy to use. I Recommend Veny to anyone that wishes to pay for goods/services internationally to save money.
it was the best decision I made. They always give very competitive rates. Definitely saved me a lot of money in the long run compared to traditional banks. The customer service is also second to none and they are readily available be it email or phone.
I have used Veny for a while now and always found them to be fair with their fees and exchange rates. Far far better than any local bank. Normally the funds are transferred into supplier's account within a day. Very good business partner.
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